Heinie Hour

Experience our immersive Heinie Hour before the show and purchase holiday-themed drinks from the venue bar, take polaroid photos in our photo booth, and trade your big bills for tipping bills with our Dollar Daddies. Check out some of Chicago’s amazing small businesses, feast your eyes on additional performances, and even have brunch! Heinie Hour begins at 8pm (3pm Sunday’s), keep reading to find out more!

Thursday’s – Vendor Night

Join us Thursday nights* as we celebrate and support Chicago small businesses and purchase your holiday gifts while they last!

  • December 8th
    • Candletit – Bailey has been creating breast- and chest-molded candles since 2019, and supports people from across the gender spectrum, celebrating the beauty of all bodies! Now featuring Buttcracker Cast Breast and Chest candles!
    • Julie Baby’s Cupcake – Cupcakes, Lollipops, and treats for Fido!
    • Intensions Designs – Latinx-Chicagoan Angelica Robles creates witchy jewelry, art, and fashion with gemstones hand-picked from Mexico and highlighting their ability to sooth, energize, and heal.
  • December 15th
    • Pottery After Dark – Working with clay since 2003, Anneliese Moy creates handmade planters, mugs, incense holders, and other functional pottery.
    • Mariposa Crochet – Desi is a Latina mom who knows her way around a crochet needle! Hats, gloves, earrings, purses…what more could you ask for?
    • Emma Alamo Leather – A self-taught leather maker in Chicago who has broken the mold for leather harnesses that fit, feature, and fabulize all bodies, making you as hot and/or as gay as humanly possible.
    • Kindred Woodworks – When it comes to hand-made jewelry and other goods made entirely with wood, Nicholas Harazin speaks gnome. His creations are made with no stains, paints or dyes, just the natural beauty of the wood, finished with locally sourced beeswax and oil.
  • December 22nd
    • Heinie and Hymen – Handmade art meant to empower those it touches, made by Mia Bogusz.
    • The Wild Muff – Handmade jewelery, resin art, and vintage clothing created and repurposed by burlesque performer Muffy St. Claire.
    • Coco La Bruja – Tarot readings and reiki infused tea candles by Chicago’s resident Bruja, Corine Salgado.
  • December 29th
    • OMGIDYI – Handmade fashions and crafts by Bridget Gillespie.
    • Seven Swords Chains – Chainmail fashion all those knights who want to be in shining armor.
    • Emma Alamo Leather – Returns for one more time to make you incredibly hot in leather harnesses and *ahem* other fashionable accessories, just in time for that masked New Year’s Eve party you’re going to…

*No vendors Thursday, December 1st

Friday and Saturday* – Extra-Vaganza Night!

Every Friday and Saturday night during our cocktail hour, audiences can enjoy additional performances from some of Chicago’s most wild and talented performers! Tableside Magic, comedy, music, drag, tarot readings, even shibari performances, each night will feature different performers. Keep coming back for more! Performers include:

Brie Kawalek (Magic)
Thé Androgynique (Drag)
Matt Griffo (Piano)
Latte Dah (Burlesque)
Slightly Spitfire (Acrobatics)
Maggie Karlin (Human Statue)
Coco La Bruja (Tarot readings)
Pole Divinity (Go-Go/Pole Dancing – Booty Drop to midnight on NYE)

Keep checking back! More performers coming soon!

*Includes Thursday, December 1st (opening night)

Sunday Matinee – Drag Show and Butt Brunch

For our Sunday performances, audiences will be treated to cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, and more, sponsored by Uprising Bakery and Cafe from Lake in the Hills, Illinois. Gluten free and vegetarian treats will be available, along with mimosas and bloody mary’s available for purchase from the bar! Not only that, but we will also be featured DRAG! Thé Androgynique will perform along with other amazing drag performers!