Yes, Chicago, there IS a Buttcracker!

Hold on to your butts, it may be April in Chicago, but it’s the holidays at Buttcracker central! Production company (sub)version productions is hard at work gearing up for the glorious return of The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque! If you missed the live show, or never even saw it, well you’re in luck, because this year will feature not one, not two, not three…or four or five shows…but 17 nights of crackin’ good times! Celebrating 7 years of high octane comedy, dance, ballet, vaudeville, and more, this year promises to be our best yet, with a higher production value, absolutely NO obscured audience seating, and even more featured performers! Mark your calendars now, you do NOT want to miss this show!

And especially for 2022, we’re thinking of throwing a blow out NYE party after the show! We may be crazy to even think it, but hey, when have we ever done things normally?

The Buttcracker: A Nutcracker Burlesque returns in December!

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