2022 Cast and Crew

Please welcome the cast and crew of the 2022 production!

Top row: Elena Avila*/^ (Clara); Olivia Lindsay* (Buttcracker); Claire Francescon* (Drosselmeyer) and Autumn Christensen* (Sugar Bum Fairy); 
Second row: Baby Bagos Hood*/^ (Boss/Rat King), Hannah Silverman* (ensemble); Mandyn Mueller+/^ (ensemble) and Eilish Morse-O’Rourke* (swing)
Third row: Yasmyne Williams*/^  (ensemble) and Savannah Sinclair*/^ (swing), Sierra Buffum*/^ (ensemble understudy) and Dylan Kerr* (choreographer)
Fourth row: Miguel Long+ (director)

Pronoun Key: + (he/him/his); * (she/her/hers); ^ (they, them, theirs). = (any with respect)

Our production would be nothing without the amazing talents of our behind-the-scenes crew. While not featured with a photo, these individuals are the backbone of the Buttcracker, and we are so incredibly thrilled to have them a part of this season’s show:

Brighid Martensen*/^ (costume designer)

Gabrielle Strong* (set designer)

Samuel Stephen+ (lighting designer)

Rowan Doe^ (props designer)

Rae Segbawu^ (sound designer)

Jake Snell+ (stage manager)

Carlie Rummel* (backstage manager)

Kayla Drescher* (magic consultant)

Jaq Seifert^/(sub)version productions (producer)

Caylei Hallberg* (producing assistant)

Pronoun Key: + (he/him/his); * (she/her/hers); ^ (they, them, theirs). = (any with respect)