Meet the Cast! Miss Fondle, Emma Glitterbomb, and more!

This week’s episode of Meet the Cast includes Miss Fondle, Emma Glitterbomb, Stella Moon, and Miss Claira Bell!

Next up: Miss Fondle!
Role: Understudy: Clara – Performs 12/26!!
Years with the Show: Newbie!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Trader Joe’s cookie butter ice cream
Pizza or Sushi? SUSHI
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? No, not really. I love boxing!
Favorite Show Performed In: The Sparrow 
Fun Fact about You: I’m a musician and singer-songwriter by the name of Emma Grace! My baritone ukulele and I have played gigs at over 50 different venues in Chicago, so far!  Listen to my music here –
Secret talent? I can do a very realistic baby cry. It usually freaks people out and once you hear me do it – you won’t look at me the same!
When you were a kid, you wanted to be a : Firefighter
You’re tagline: The Fierce Flirty Fondler 
Miss Fondle is so fired up about making her bootylicious burlesque debut with The Buttcracker!  Miss Fondle is an actor, singer-songwriter and ukulele lover hailing from the Chicago burbs. Her beautiful big booty has traveled all over Chicago playing the ukulele and belting her original songs about queer love and crushing the patriarchy. She fiercely shakes her big hips to empower the LGBTQIA+ community and glow up fat, curvy bodies! She is so damn proud to be here and would like to thank all of her friends and family who support her body positive and flirty fierceness.
Emma Glitterbomb Promo (1).jpg
Emma Glitterbomb!
Role: Vodka Solo
Years with the Show: Three!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Peppermint
Pizza or Sushi? Pizza allllll the way!
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? What is a sportsball? 😉
Favorite Show Performed In: as a muggle, The Winter’s Tale. As a Glitterbomb, Boobs on Endor: A Return of the Jedi Burlesque!
Fun Fact about You: in my muggle life, I’m a published author!
Secret talent? I was the Midwest version of a debutante, and I can still do the Texas bow!
When you were a kid, you wanted to be a : actress slash writer slash theater critic
Your tagline: She’ll blow up the stage!
Emma Glitterbomb (Vodka) was in the original Buttcracker cast and is over the moon to reprise her Vodka role this Christmas! A writer by day and vixen by night, Glitterbomb has shaken and stirred all over Chicago. She’s an alum of Gorilla Tango Burlesque, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret and Studio L’amour. Glitterbomb trains in aerial arts and contortion and can’t wait to bend for you tonight. Special thanks to Jaq, Becca and her sparkle sister Evelyn Tensions. (Photo by Greg Inda)
26172949_10215662941066150_5613309120203763904_o (1)
Next up: Stella Moon
Role: Ensemble
Years with the show: I’m a first year! 
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry’s Truffle Kerfluffle
Pizza or Sushi? Why not both?! 
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? Rarely sportsball, but if, sportsball baseball-Go Cubs! 
Favorite Show Performed In: Any show performing with Comedy Dance Chicago! 
Fun Fact about You: My Hogwarts house is Gryffindor!
Secret talent? Knowing morbid trivia about true crime cases/dark historical events.
When you were a kid, you wanted to be a : Puppeteer, particularly to take over for Shari Lewis on “Lamb Chop’s Play-Along”. 
You’re tagline: Choose to show up.
Stella is a Chicago transplant by way of Chattanooga, TN. Some of her recent artistic endeavors include; Chicago Musical Theatre Festival (Underscore Theatre), Drink! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game and Rocky Balboa Picture Show (Cornservatory) and Love Actually: Live Read (Uptown Underground). She can also be seen dancing as a current member of Comedy Dance Chicago! In her free time she enjoys reading, Netflix with friends, or getting outside with her dogs.
booty (1).jpg
And last but not least: Miss Claira Bell
Role: Tea Soloist

Years with the Show: Newbie!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Birthday Cake! 
Pizza or Sushi? . . . Meat filled pizza, or vegi sushi.. . so hard to decide!
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? Gymnastics. . . skiing. . fencing. . all the sports that are ball less. 
Favorite Show Performed In: You want me to choose just one!? You’re nuts!
Fun Fact about You: I have had Lisa Ling inside my Aerial hoop on 2 occasions, *fan girl swoon*. 
Secret talent?: I survived for 3 weeks straight on Ark Survival unleashed. Trust me, it is impressive. 
When you were a kid, you wanted to be a : cartographer 

You’re tagline: The Dame of Blood & Glitz. 

Hailing from the Chicago area Miss Claira Bell has been actively performing her passions of Circus, Sideshow and Burlesque. Traveling all over the country Claira has gotten the pleasure of working with such groups as; Blue Moon Circus, The Squidling Brothers, The Boston Baby Dolls, Chump Change Variety Show, and the Cream City Cabaret. She is currently a member of Project X Burlesque out of Indy. Having a strong background in theater and dance Miss Claira Bell is a sight to watch with her lovely vaudevillian performance style. Blending the lines of sideshow and burlesque Claira is guaranteed to give the audience a show they wont soon forget….

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