Meet the Cast! Faye and Pierre

On this edition of Meet the Cast, we want to introduce you to our very own Buttcracker and Drosselmeyer! Please meet Faye Laverte and Pierre LaChance!

Faye LaVerte

Faye is thrilled to be part of The Buttcracker again! They graduated from Iowa State University, and is a Chicago-based theatre artist, circus performer, and burlesque dancer. Faye is a company member with Imaginez Ensemblez, and has worked with Rough House, Kiss Kiss Cabaret, The Drifter, The House Theatre, and Lincoln Center, among others. In their free time, Faye enjoys eating pizza and having solo dance parties in their kitchen.

Years with the Show: 2
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – So Delicious Dark Chocolate Truffle
Pizza or Sushi? – Sushi
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? – Calvinball
Favorite Show Performed In – Miranda, a circus theatre adaptation of The Tempest
Fun Fact about You – When I was around five, I unintentionally did a striptease for my dad and his friends
Secret talent? – I make a mean spreadsheet
When you were a kid, you wanted to be a – lawyer, detective, and/or warrior princess
Your tagline – In lieu of one, the MC will usually remind people that we don’t offer refunds
Pierre LaChance
Pierre LaChance is a performer and gender warrior based in Chicago. They were most recently seen in The Fly Honey Show with the Inconvenience. Other theater credits include Triassic Parq (Circle Theatre), Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Yank! (Pride Films and Plays), and Grand Hotel (Kokandy Productions). Love and thanks to my loving partner, Royen. Follow me on Instagram: @parkourpierre
Years with the Show: New Cast Member!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Jeni’s Wildberry Lavender if I’m feeling bougie, otherwise an Oreo/M&M McFlurry
Pizza or Sushi? Pizza
Do you like sportsball? If yes, which one? I like Serena Williams and Quidditch. End of sportsball list.
Favorite Show Performed In: Triassic Parq
Fun Fact about You: I can’t intentionally slip into my Cajun accent – it only comes out naturally when I talk to my family.
Secret talent? I can listen to any live Beyoncé performance and tell you what performance it’s from.
When you were a kid, you wanted to be: the Pink Power Ranger
Your tagline: BYOB – Be Your Own Beautiful



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