Cast Announcement!

We are BEYOND thrilled to announce the cast of the 2018 production!

Faye Laverte (The Buttcracker), Squeaky Bubbles (Clara), Parker Guidry (Drosselmeyer), Stevie Kinks (Rat King/Sugar Plum Fairy), with soloists Emma Glitterbomb (Vodka), Claira Bell (Tea), Kamrah Raqs (Coffee), Gaea Lady (Hot Chocolate), and Evelyn Tensions (Mother Ginger). The ensemble includes Covina Azure, Bryn Riot, Nicole Amber, and Emily Moon. Special Guests on December 26th include Jeez Loueez (as Mother Ginger) and Jezzibel (as Hot Chocolate). Cyn S Tease Ya Stage Kittens and Miss Fondle understudies.

Check them out!


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